The Outlaw Class originally began racing at Tailcreek Raceway and started as the High-rider's Challenge in 2008.  Since, the names of this style of racing have changed from HRC class to Tuff Trucks, to Sportsman and finally a name that sticks, The "Outlaws"

What is the Outlaw class style of racing you may ask… Well the simplest answer it's the most gruelling extreme off road racing on the planet!

It is a short course obstacle that mixes both speed, mud, and rock crawling into one event. It tests the craftsmanship of the builders, to design a race vehicle that can reach 60mph over whoops and moguls, and then climb over rocks the size of a VW. The short course races consist of head to head heats with an Outfield obstacle course and then the Infield - usually figure eight style extreme beat the crap outta your vehicle or win!  The tracks and courses are designed to test the drivers skill and also whoever picks the best line usually gets ahead!  What's that old phrase again, "when in doubt throttle it out" and that's what these guys do!

Our Story

We’re committed to fast paced off-road racing… Dirt, Rocks & Obstacles, Endurance racing, and we love the mud!

We like to Provide our competitors the most challenging race courses and tracks available, while keeping driver and spectator safety a priority, this style of racing is truly not for the in - experienced drivers.