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What is 4000 series or 4000 class racing you may ask… Well the simplest answer it's the most gruelling punishing off road racing on the planet!


South of the border it may be referred to as Ultra-4 racing, desert and rock racing or the 4000 class. The racing may consist of short track or long distance across the desert tracks. It is multi mile racing that mixes both cross country wide open desert style racing and rock crawling into one event. It tests the craftsmanship of the builders, to design a race vehicle that can reach 100mph over whoops and moguls, and then climb over rocks the size of a VW. The short course races consist of qualifying heats and followed up by multi lap finals, The long distance races will consist of a short qualifier and then followed by a final race of between 50 and 200 miles! The tracks and courses are set to test a drivers will, and the builders skills.

Sound like something you would want to run your mama's Jeep in? Well there are classes for all levels of vehicles provided they meet tech and safety regulations… 4400 unlimited, 4500 modified, 4600 and 4800.

Our Story

We’re committed to go fast off-road racing… Dirt, Rocks & Endurance racing, literally the Formula 1 of Offroad!

Our team has years of experience in both off-road racing and promoting racing events, from pavement to dirt racing and now the 4000 series. Most of all: we like going fast… build it, race it, fix it and go again. We come from different backgrounds, from builders of race cars, plant operators, farmers, oilfield workers to the guy working at the corner store. Like racing? Want to be part of the team? Drop us a line, Tell us a little about yourself.