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Tailcreek Mudfest: June 30 - July 2 2017

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Who we are: Tail Creek Raceway consists of 201 acres total, which approx, 40 acres consists of a Motorsports Park. The site has been family owned since the 1960’s and is well known in the racing community since there has been Various Motorsports events there over the years.  The Motorsports park consists of a stadium style Motocross track, A 5.1 km baja style course for Endurance Racing, a 3/8 mile Oval, and one of the toughest off-road rock and obstacle sections in the 4X4 World.  New in 2015 also is a 15,000 persons amphitheatre style concert bowl and Tailcreek has also now acquired it's own stage to continue putting on Special events in the heart of Central Alberta!!


Tailcreek Raceway

Located 6km east of Alix, AB


2017 Schedule

Winter Mayhem

Featured Class: WORR (Outlaws&Punisher4X4) Offroad Racing
Mar 5

Extreme Offroad Challenge

Featured Class: (Outlaws) Offroad Racing
May 19-22

Tailcreek Mudfest

Featured Class: Punisher4X4 (Outlaws&WORR) Offroad Racing, Outdoor Concert
June 30 - July 2

Mid Summer Mayhem

Featured Class: WORR Offroad Racing
July 29-30

Punisher Canadian Finals

Featured Class: Punisher 4X4 (Outlaws&WORR) Offroad Racing, Outdoor Concert
Sept 16-17